Automotive Coatings

As the Automotive Coatings department, we have been serving the automotive primary and automotive parts industry customers in Turkey since our establishment in 1982 as Kemipol. We collaborate with passenger and commercial vehicles in the automotive OEM industry, metal and plastic part manufacturers in the automotive parts industry. We have also been continuing our shipments and providing support to our automotive OEM and automotive parts customers in Europe since 2001. 


Industrial Coatings

We conduct the design, production, marketing and sales of waterborne and solvent borne coating systems for industrial applications. 

Decorative Coatings

Our decorative coatings allow dirt to be washed away by rainwater and also fill and expand into cracks in the wall caused by degradation over time in order to prevent further damage due to environmental factors. Kansai Paint is providing the market with unique paints and coatings with a diverse array of features to keep building facades beautiful and preserve the city scenery for years to come.

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