Automotive Coatings

As the Automotive Coatings department, we have been serving the automotive primary and automotive parts industry customers in Turkey since our establishment in 1982 as Kemipol. We collaborate with passenger and commercial vehicles in the automotive OEM industry, metal and plastic part manufacturers in the automotive parts industry. We have also been continuing our shipments and providing support to our automotive OEM and automotive parts customers in Europe since 2001. 

As a customer-oriented department with high technological capabilities, curiosity for research and empathy skills, our aim is to ensure the sustainability of our product quality and to contribute to the quality of the products manufactured by our customers. Our sales, marketing and research departments are continuing their efforts to minimize the adverse impacts on the environment of all our activities from product design to distribution through customer demands and feedback. Our high solid and waterborne systems are presented to our customers with this understanding in mind. 

We provide locally manufactured waterborne primers and base coats, high solid clear coats and topcoats specifically designed for the production lines of our customers. We always aim to improve efficiency through innovative technologies in order to manage the added value of our products. We seek out alternative raw materials that meet the specifications while providing a cost advantage and prioritize locally manufactured polymers and coating designs. We strive to contribute to the cost reduction efforts of our customers through the generated added value while aiming to create resources for our R&D activities. 

In addition, we are happy to produce all cataphoresis (CED/KTL) products including polymers locally and to present these products to our customers. 

Water Based

RETAN WB ECO EV is for customers who are looking for paint that is environmentally and people-friendly but are struggling to make a change due to poor product workability and the troubles associated with switching from solvent-borne paints. The most innovative feature of this waterborne paint is its ability to deliver all the benefits of solvent-borne products with none of the setbacks. We have tirelessly strived to create a product that is easy to use at the jobsite and achieves workability remarkably close to conventional solvent-borne paints. For use in equipment alongside conventional solvent-borne paints.

Solvent Based

Zionac product is a solvent-borne paint specifically developed to provide the user with a complete system for the finishing of metallics, pearls, and solid colors. Zionac range of technically advanced products enables the user to produce a finish of outstanding gloss and durability.

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